Yet another browser?

Forkle is a ridiculously simple HTML5 web browser with an embedded adblocker. Its feature set is intentionally limited, to minimize both distractions and attack vectors.

Forkle has no extensions, no tabs, no toolbars, and no bookmark manager. It is still in beta. So why would you want to give it a try at this time?

Compared to the major web browsers:

It has the largest viewable screen space
It is privacy-oriented: zero behavior tracking, zero telemetry
It has the most lightweight adblocker
It has the fastest cold startup time
It has the smallest binary size
It has aggressive RAM optimization
It is Keepass friendly out of the box

Security is also a top priority in Forkle, with unique features including TLD whitelisting, HTTPS-only navigation, homoglyph detection, process isolation, and strict patch-level checking.

With a binary size under 2MB, Forkle is extremely lightweight, making it ideal for quick, casual web browsing. It is also an excellent match for USB thumbdrives and resource-limited systems.

Get Beta (Win x64)
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Getting started

No installation needed! Just unzip to any folder, and launch.
Options can be customized by editing config files.


Windows 7 or later, with the latest security updates.
Admin rights are not required.


This is an experimental browser still in beta, with many features still incomplete. Expect bugs and rough edges. Some websites might not display properly.


Radsix is an independent dev studio based in Europe. Before creating Radsix, I held IT and infosec positions for 15 years within various large organizations in technology, government and finance. Over the years, I have also released a number of tools aimed at improving online security and privacy, and gaining greater independence from tech giants.


Forkle fully respects your privacy and contains no adware, malware or sponsored content of any sort. It also does not send data to any third party.

This website does not collect any personal information.

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