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Forkle is an extremely simple HTML5 browser for Windows, supporting enough Web standards to be usable in a number of scenarios, and focusing on privacy and security. It also features a tiny built-in adblocker and is compatible with Keepass Global Auto Type.

Its feature set is intentionally limited, to minimize both distractions and attack vectors. It is still in beta but can already render most mainstream websites correctly.

Forkle is very lightweight (binary size under 2MB), making it an excellent fit for resource-limited systems and USB drives.


● Lightning-fast startup
● Integrated ad blocker
● TLD domain whitelisting
● No tabs
(Note: may change in future releases)
● HTTP websites are blocked by default
● No telemetry / No address bar autosuggest
● Blocks some classes of zero-day scripting exploits
● Seamless support for Keepass Auto Type
● Tiny memory footprint
● Hardware-accelerated rendering
● Address bar support for DuckDuckGo bangs
● URL homograph detection

● Enhanced MITM detection
(Coming soon)
● Real-time keyword monitor (Coming soon)

Get Beta (Win x64)

Getting started

No installation needed - just unzip to any folder, and launch.
Options can be customized by editing configuration files.


Windows 7 or later, with the latest security updates. Admin rights are not required.


This is an experimental browser still in beta, with many features still incomplete. Expect bugs and rough edges. Some websites might not display properly.


Radsix is an independent dev studio based in Europe. Before founding Radsix, I held engineering and infosec positions within various large organizations in technology, government and finance.


Forkle respects your privacy and contains no adware or malware of any sort.
It also does not send data to any third party.
This website does not collect any personal information.